English Class


Years: Wednesdays 9-12 2nd Years: Thursdays 2-5



• All students will be expected to attend each class on time and actively  participate in classroom discussions. Use of technology will be limited. Computers are allowed only if the in-class activity permits it. Phones are off limits unless it is an emergency. Students will be respectful of the professor and other students. No cross talk.

• As this is an English class, no French will be permitted. If you do not understand something, please ask. All students will be expected to complete in-class and at-home exercises and assignments.

Goals and Objectives

• To develop a strong foundation of grammar and vocabulary, both in general and as it relates to your field of study.Gain confidence and a greater fluency of spoken English. Develop reading comprehension skills and the ability to think critically in English. To increase your ability to seek a job in the international community through a variety of job market and interviewing activities.


All class levels will be graded with the following criteria:

Reading Comprehension: 30%

Oral Expression: 30%

Writing: 20%

Attendance and Participation: 20%

These criteria will be achieved through reading articles and being tested on the information, group and individual presentations, grammar and vocabulary exercises, essay writing, and a variety of other activities based on your class level. Homework may be given weekly at the discretion of the professor, and projects and end of year exams will be further discussed throughout the year.